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Welcome to: Dub Bespoke

This is the home of our special bespoke service. A place where the floor is yours. A place where together, we can produce a truly special hoodie or t shirt, to make it unique and personal.


Our team have over 30 years experience in the design world and can help bring 'your ideas' to life. But don't let the thought of us relying on your clear ideas scare you. We can bring the roughest of thoughts to life. Think of us as having Super Powers to understand your most random inner thoughts and then, as if by magic, we'll bring it to life.


We are dedicated to delivering great design and quality products. Don't be mistaken by thinking this service is expensive, this is a bespoke service not a premium service.   

What do we mean by bespoke:

Lets get the ball rolling...

Send us a very brief idea of what you want. Talk is cheap, this is no obligation, it's just so we can give you an idea of what we can do and a broad idea of the cost. Then we can then get creative or leave it there. It's up to you!

Select a service that best matches your requirements
What items are you thinking (Select all relevant)

Give us description of what you need. Tell us what you know and what you don't, then we'll know how best we can help you. Importantly, we need to know Colourways, Sizes and approx Quanities.

Thanks for asking!
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